Affordable Websites for Small businesses

Our affordable basic websites are based on static HTML5/CSS3 coding and are ideal for start-ups or small businesses who want a good looking web site but do not want to commit to a more expensive CMS website. They will look as good as a CMS site and rarely need any maintenance. The only major downsides are that changes to the content or layout require advanced coding skills and are more work intensive and they are also not suitable if you want more complex features.

Our One Page designs consists of up to 5 sections on a single page that can be accessed by the visitors via the navigation menu without the need to reload a new page. This makes them very fast and efficient. We also offer more traditional multi page designs were each section is loaded in a new page.

Our Base Price Includes

  • One Page Design (up to 5 Sections)

  • Basic SEO

  • Contact Form

  • Simple Portfolio

Optional Features

  • Additional Sections

  • Additional Online Forms

  • Multi Page Design

  • Business Blog

  • Multilingual Support

Check out an example

Here you can check out a functional sample of what a one page design looks like and how it works.

Please keep in mind that we included more than 5 sections in this sample to better showcase of what is possible.