Why We Highly Recommend A Maintenance Plan:

WordPress is a great tool for any business owner but it is far from perfect. The biggest flaw is the fact that it is an open source project so anyone can check the code and try to find a security hole. The most prominent example is the “Panama Papers Incident” in 2016 where hackers gained access to a WordPress site because the site developer used an outdated version of a plugin which allowed them to steal a huge amount of sensitive data.

By running an old version of WordPress or a plugin you not only risk your websites data and integrity but also those of your visitors. From hacking, phishing to SQL Injections we have seen almost anything. Luckily all our current clients are smart and do not want to take this risk. They all are signed up for one of our maintenance plans.

Aside from the security issue we are also faster when it comes to updating your content. Minor content updates we usually do right away and are done sometimes in a matter of minutes.

Our Maintenance Plans

Basic Security


Basic Security Plan

Our Basic Security Plan provides everything necessary to keep your WordPress site secure from hacking and phishing. Any attempt to access your site illegally will be blocked and the IP of the hacker banned for several days.

We will check daily for available updates and make sure your website is functioning properly. We also include basic troubleshooting and minor content changes.

Whats Included

Security Monitoring

Monitoring and safe guarding your website on a daily basis and taking immediately action if necessary.

Core & Plugin Updates

Applying WordPress and plugin (non commercial) updates as soon as they become available.

Basic Troubleshooting

We will fix any issues related to the core files or the installed plugins on your site.

Advanced Maintenance


Advanced Maintenance Plan

Our most popular plan! It includes everything you need to keep your website fully functional.

This plan includes up to 30 minutes of content updates/support each month for an entire Year. Just send us your new content and we will add it to your website in less then 24 hours.

Whats Included

Basic Security Plan

All features from our Basic Security Plan are included.

Content Updates

30 Minutes each month of content updates or support time.

Full Theme Support

Updates & full support for commercial themes.

Please note: Multilingual Websites have an additional cost of $1,850 MXN per year if a commercial plugin is used.